Meridian maple is made with 7 ply 100 Maple shells at 5.8mm thick, with the bass drum being 7.2mm thick. all shells have 45-degree bearing edges. This price is for a complete kit minus cymbals ,All of the drums are like new these items included 5 mapex floor stands boom ,high hat stand ,snare stand all new double braced black Armory 800 series Mapexs I.T.S Suspension system and even lets you ch...
1975 Fender Twin 2x12 - sounds great, good condition. Modded from silverface to blackface specifications, reverb and tremelo work great, crazy loud.
Conn 14H Director tenor trombone in good playing condition. Comes with a mouthpiece and a hard case. Please email me if you have any questions.
It doesnt get any more Metal than this guitar.This is Custom guitar I picked up from someone years ago. It doesnt have any Brand or name on it. The person who sold it to me didnt get it made originally, so I dont have any of the specifics of where it comes from either. However, it is a bad-ass 5-string fretless bass guitar that will make any and all of your friends extremely jealous. Its got so...
212 rarelimited blonde tolex as opposed to tweed with oxblood grille cloth. USA non reissue Blues Deville. These s are tough as nails and get plenty loud with lots of headroom. 2 channel . 2nd channel has some really nice blues tones. No footswitch.Amp works great with nice fender reverb. Cosmetically really good too, some minor dings and imperfections, overall 7-8 out of 10 condition
R.W JAMESON 6 string banjo in like new condition. very well taken care of, respected, and never abused. Has a removable resonator if you want an open-back banjo. Single rod construction. Has been stored properly, detuned with the bridge taken off since i stopped playin it. so it could use a setup and fresh strings cause it hasnt been played for a bit. Bought it so i could tranfer my guitar skil...
2004 Luthier-built F Style Mandolin by Larry J McMurray in Church Hill, TN. Solid spruce top, quiltedflamed maple back and sides. Visually stunning, great sounding, easy playing instrument. Cash only, no trades will be considered.
Amatis Fine Instruments Concert copy 44 With case and set of extra strings, bow and built in Hygrometer. Violin is in very good condition Come by 4350 SW 20th ave and take a look
Everything works. Mixer has signs of use like tape residue and scratches. There are about three scratchy pots but a little deoxit should fix it up. QSC power is solid. SKB rack is a 12 space I believe. Also included is a 2 space rack drawer and a SKB slide shelf.
ultra rare cool 60s70s made for Gretsch p.a. head.all original ,solid state,6 channel,reverb,100 working condition.overall clean condition.made in u.s.a.
Here it is, My Ampeg SVT150H. This is a rare solid-state that you cant find on the Internet I sold it a while back and loved it so much that I bought it back. But now Im selling it again. Its 150 W so its perfect as a guitar really has a crisp punch with base to it also works great as a bass to its SVT. This is one of the best solid-state so you could get. 200$
This beautiful Martin Cowboy III guitar is part of an exclusive artwork series with art by Robert Armstrong. 69 of 750. The wonderful sound of a like new Martin with the original hard shell case. $1100. Call,text or email 35to-too35-767won