"The Jimi Hendrix Experience" (8-LP Boxed Set) Ltd Edition - Textured (Felt) Cover - New. Sealed. Mint. 180-Gram, Vinyl Released in 2000 A couple small tears in the plastic. (Plastic is fixed tight) Includes: 56 Unreleased or Unavailable Recordings Separate Album Jackets 40 page full-color book with rare photos
This box is complete with all 3 Lp's Apple Records - Recorded in England (STCH H639) and the 24" by 36" poster insert. Vinyl - very good to excellent. Poster folded as issued and in NM Condition. Box has minor shelf wear, but no splits/tears
Led Zeppelin 4 CDs, Box Set complete with 36 page Photo Booklet and Poster (Excellent Condition.) Outer Box has minor storage wear. CDs appear unplayed (Mint) and no damage to CD cases.