Items Wanted in Gainesville, FL

Trying to help my daughter and her family looking for a 3-4 bedroom home to rent in the Gainesville area. Please let me know if you have or know of anyone that might have something to rent please. Thank you :)
I am doing a large multifamily project and need this type material. If anyone has some they arent in need of Please consider My low income family.. Seeds are cheaper than buying groceries at the store .. and I would like to be able to provide for many families as well not just my own.. I want to be independent from the gvt... Please help if you can.....
Hello, I see a lot of homeless people here in our home town. They stand on my corners asking for help. Most give them money. I give them scarves. Please help me help our own here in Gainesville. Thank you in advance.
please send information on where I may get or buy a telescoping Television antenna mast 40 foot tall or higher please... thank you
Looking for adult coloring books and coloring supplies.Helps depression will explain.No car.
Looking for a couple of bikes for my 11 and 12 year old sons. Probably 22" to 24". Thanks for freecycling!
WANTED: telescoping antenna mast..preferably 40 feet or more.. NW side of gainesville...
wanted: cb and OR tv antenna preferably LONG/deep deep fringe tv antenna.. NW gainesville area
wanted: roku remote with headphone jack.. NOTICE: any that is spam ILL BE BLOCKED!
My fiance and I are moving out of our one bedroom apartment on Monday, January 29th and need moving boxes!
My dog is having surgery Tom and I need a surgery collar does anyone have one ? Thank u
Mine broke. I have Pulmonary Fibrosis. Trying to get one before it gets hot and I can't breath.
Any size, shape, color
WANTED: I am looking for the boxes that 10 reams of paper come in. Most offices get paper by the case, and it comes in these boxes that are about 17 1/2 inches long by about a 11 1/2 wide and 10 inches high. Three of these together are a perfect fit for some shelving that we have. I am hoping that some of you might work some place where these boxes are thrown out. I would love to recycle them a...
Im looking for a still usable stationary bike to try and lose a bit a weight before surgery. Thank you.
Looking for small table - like a card table or a puzzle table.
I'm making surgery caps for a children's hospital and I need ONLY 100% cotton fabric suitable for kids. Must be at least 19"square. Thanks!
I'm looking for a jeans jacket, preferably acid washed/ light colored but ill take what ever I can get!
I am looking for a small drawer to make into a jewelry holder like the one in this picture https://www.pinterest.com/pin/340092209353448534/ Thanks!
I am in need of a sturdy recliner . For the past 6 yrs. After 2nd hearty surgery my husband can not lay in a bed he sleeps in a recliner. The one he has is falling apart and I need to replace it.thank you
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